Divvy is a web app that will evenly split bills between friends. Add the expenses for each person and Divvy will find the most efficient sequence of repayments.

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Divvy web app

Threads Network

Two samples from a logo set for the Threads Network - a family of blogs covering travel, fashion, and food.

Left: logo for Brisbane Threads. The Story Bridge featured in this logo is a landmark of the city.

Right: Travelling Threads, a sister-blog focused on travel.

Threads network logos

Creating an animated SVG spinner

SVG and CSS were meant to be ♥

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iOS'86 was a long-term project that developed into one of the most expansive iPhone themes available. Based on the concept design by Anton Repponen, iOS'86 is the official and fully functional Winterboard theme for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Including thousands of hand-pixeled monochrome graphics along with a port of the original Chicago font; iOS'86 takes your device back to another era. Available on iOS 4, 5, and 6.

Mid 2012 - late 2013

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Sometimes I post amateur photography taken with my Fuji x100s. Check out my Instagram.

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Sarif is an iPhone theme built to accomodate user customisation with a library of UI styles, widgets, icons, and more - all available from within Winterboard. Sarif also supports a huge range of popular third party apps and tweaks, ensuring a complete revamp of your device across the board. Available on iOS 4, 5, and 6.

Early 2012 - late 2013

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Tutorial: Porting fonts to the iPhone

Ever wanted to port your favourite font so that you can use it on your iPhone?

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Custom iOS icons, Winterboard, and you

Learn the details of using custom icons with Winterboard.

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Broadbeach SLSC

Sixth semester architectural design project. This project involved investigation and documentation of an existing surf club, followed by a design proposal for a new club.

The objectives of this design were to create distinction between public functions and club functions, as well as create a more effective flow of circulation for both visitors and members. I also had the opportunity to focus more on construction and detailing of the building.

Modelled and rendered in Revit, technical drawings produced in AutoCAD

Late 2012

Axex Constructions

Logo design for Axex Constructions, a company specialising in architectural home renovations.

Axex Constructions logo

Tutorial room

Third semester architectural design project - design an on-campus tutorial and study room. The structure surrounds an existing statue. Steel and timber frame around an internal brick and concrete structure. This was one of my first major projects working with Sketchup and Kerkythea.

Modelled in Sketchup and rendered in Kerkythea, technical drawings produced in AutoCAD

Early 2011