Divvy is a web app designed to easily split bills between friends. Add the expenses for each person and Divvy will find the most efficient sequence of repayments.

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Divvy web app

Double exposure depth experiment

A web experiment combining CSS and Javascript with photography; exploring tangible methods of interacting with digital photos.

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UX design breakdown: Household bill management

This post outlines my design process during a 4-hour UX design exercise.

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Contrast logos & text with background photos using CSS blend modes

Outlining a practical use of CSS blend modes.


Attract.ai offers a platform to help teams engage and talent and upgrade their hiring process.

I designed the Attract.ai brand and developed the website, while consulting on their early-stage platform.


As lead UI/UX at Scrunch, I worked with a small team to take their data-driven influencer marketing platform from concept to product.

I also designed and developed the Scrunch landing page and blog.

Mid 2013 – late 2017

Photo browser

A demo of a simple CSS-only photo browser that responds to the viewport width and height ratio.


iOS'86 was a personal project that developed into one of the most expansive iPhone themes of the time. Based on the concept designed by Anton Repponen, iOS'86 is a fully functional Winterboard theme for iPhone.

Including thousands of hand-pixeled monochrome graphics along with a port of the original Chicago font; iOS'86 takes your device back to another era. Available on iOS 4, 5, and 6.

Mid 2012 – late 2013

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UI Tip: list overflow and ‘+ others’

A problem of just a little too much bread.

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Creating an animated SVG spinner

SVG and CSS were meant to be ♥


Sarif is an iPhone theme built to accomodate user customisation with a library of UI styles, widgets, icons, and more - all available from within Winterboard. Sarif also supports a huge range of popular third party apps and tweaks, ensuring a complete revamp of your device across the board. Available on iOS 4, 5, and 6.

Early 2012 – late 2013

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