Sarif is an iPhone theme built to accomodate user customisation with a library of UI styles, widgets, icons, and more — all available from within Winterboard. Sarif also supports a huge range of popular third party apps and tweaks, ensuring a complete revamp of your device across the board. Available on iOS 4, 5, and 6.

Archived project from 2012–13

Basic - free from Cydia

Premium - $2 from Cydia

Open-source on GitHub

Sarif notificationSarif home screen


Only available on iOS 4, 5, and 6.

  1. Install Sarif basic or Sarif premium through Cydia, and enable the theme in Winterboard.
  2. Configure widgets in Sarif.theme/settings.js
  3. Clear the cache from Sarif preferences in the Settings app.

Add-on packages are available for download from Cydia - just search for 'Sarif'.

Download wallpaper packDownload icon template

Sarif lock screenSarif lock screen hidden clockSarif dialerSarif weather app

Sarif mods

Sarif includes a library of easy to use mods. Activate these in Winterboard to customise the look and functionality of Sarif to your liking. Some mods can be tweaked by editing the settings.js file found in /Library/Themes/Sarif.theme.

Sarif mod: app badges redSarif mod: app icons indentSarif mod: app namesSarif mod: app names dockedSarif mod: *app panel glassSarif mod: balloons untailedSarif mod: dock hideSarif mod: dock glass smallSarif mod: *dock graphiteSarif mod: *dock graphite smallSarif mod: HS timeSarif mod: HS time numericalSarif mod: HS weatherSarif mod: *HS weather iconSarif mod: *linen andromedaSarif mod: linen darkSarif mod: LS clock panelSarif mod: LS slider panelSarif mod: *slider miniSarif mod: *slider notchSarif mod: status bar enableSarif mod: status clock hideSarif mod: status clock largeSarif mod: status rotate lockSarif mod: *UI andromedaSarif mod: *UI aquamarineSarif mod: *UI atrousSarif mod: UI blackSarif mod: UI blueSarif mod: *UI leather darkSarif mod: *UI leatherSarif mod: *UI red linenSarif mod: *UI silver

Supported apps/tweaks

Abstergo Notifications clear icon.
Atom Handle theme. Manual activation - see docs/Atom
*Auxo UI and toggle icons for Auxo app switcher.
*Badger UI and popups with themed .plist.
*BatteryDoctor Pro Notification center toggles. Manual activation - see docs/BDP.
*biteSMS UI and quick compose theme for biteSMS. Enable through biteSMS settings.
*ColorKeyboard Keyboard theme with light and dark themes. QWERTY and AZERTY layouts supported. Two international layout options. Enable through ColorKeyboard settings.
FolderIcons Alternate folder backgrounds and 20 foreground icons.
GBA.emu Control pad skin. Manual activation - see docs/GBA.emu
IntelliscreenX Status bar icon support. Use clock and slider panel mods.
*iWidgets All HS widgets are also available as iWidgets.
*JellyLock Themed app shortcuts and handle. Set icon and handler sizes to maximum.
Live Battery Indicator Themed to show the status bar battery percentage.
LiveClock Live Sarif clock icon.
LockInfo Status bar icons and other support for LockInfo. Use clock and slider panel mods.
MyVibe Themed MyVibe status bar icon.
NCSettings Notification center toggles. Enable through NCSettings settings.
OpenNotifier A set of status bar icons for OpenNotifier. Includes premium icon set support.
Pluck Themed pluck icon. Manual activation - see docs/Pluck
Safari Download Manager Themed Safari download button.
SBSettings UI, toggles, and status icons for the SBSettings tweak. Enable through SBSettings settings.
Snowcover Simple Themes the album display on your lockscreen. Options for 4th gen devices found in docs/Alt graphics.txt
*Velox Includes toggles, buttons and other graphics.
*WeatherIcon Live weather information on a themed icon.
*WhatsApp Chatkit and UI theme for the WhatsApp messaging app.
Tap to Widgets Notification centre widget backgrounds.
TypeStatus iMessage status bar indicator icon.
Zeppelin A themed icon as the carrier in the status bar. Enable through Zeppelin settings.

* indicates premium pack only

Icon list

Sarif home screen foldersSarif messagesSarif notification centerSarif music


Version 2.3

Version 2.2

Version 2.1

Version 2.0.2

Version 2.0.1

Version 2.0

Version 1.4.2

Version 1.4.1

Version 1.4

Version 1.3

Version 1.2-2

Version 1.2-1

Version 1.2

Version 1.1

Version 1.0