Case study

Designing a Modern Search Experience

A case study on the Global Search project at Rex and how we rebuilt our search to solve for our user's biggest pain points and elevate our app experience.

Case study

Changing The Way We Listen To Product Feedback

At Rex I identified and solved for some key problem areas in the way we collected and utilised customer feedback, making our users feel like they had a voice and improving our design and research processes.

Figma Component & Icon Library

A design system boilerplate utilising Figma's latest features with variable components, design tokens, light and dark themes, and over 550 icons.

The icon library is available as a free download, and the components will be available soon.

Open Icons in Figma
A screenshot of a dialog in Figma showing a list of variables used as design tokens
Case study

Designing a Configurable Process Engine

A workflow tool supporting users to efficiently configure, manage, and progress their day-to-day tasks.


A Taxonomy for Product Feedback

Improve your feedback database with a taxonomy that makes feedback easier to search, analyse, and to derive actionable insights from.

Miso Token

My store where I design, illustrate, and print custom token cards for Magic: The Gathering.

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A card featuring a sacred cat
A card featuring a cat with a slice of bread around it's head
A card featuring a goblin trying to solve a mystery
A card featuring badger in samurai armour


Rex provides a suite of products to over 10,000 agents in the real estate industry across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

After joining the Rex team as a senior designer I became the UX lead on our flagship product, leading the design practice across two product teams. In 2023 I relocated to the UK as the lead on a new large-scale product set to launch in the UK market.

At Rex I work end-to-end; developing product strategy alongside my PM; conducting user research; prototyping, iterating, and validating solutions that fit within the architecture of our products; and collaborating with engineers on how to launch those solutions.

Awarded Rex Ultimate Problem Solver 2021

Early 2018 – present

Case studies offers an AI-enhanced talent sourcing and recruitment platform to help teams engage new talent and optimise their sourcing workflow.

I designed the early-stage platform and AI search model, and have continued to consult on the platform as it has grown.

Late 2017 – early 2023


Scrunch was an early player in the influencer marketing space, where our product enabled brands to find and engage with influencers through influencer marketing campaigns.

As the founding product designer, I worked with a small team to design, build, and launch a data-driven influencer marketing platform from the ground up.

Mid 2013 – late 2017


Interview with Chelsea Tang

Discussing design backgrounds, user research, and tooling.


Contrast logos & text with background photos using CSS blend modes

Outlining a practical use of CSS blend modes.


I designed and developed the Divvy web app to simplify splitting expenses between friends — without the need to sign up for a service or set up accounts.

Add the expenses for each person and Divvy will calculate the most efficient sequence of repayments.

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Divvy web app


iOS'86 was a personal project that developed into one of the most expansive iPhone themes of the time. Based on the concept designed by Anton Repponen, iOS'86 is a fully functional Winterboard theme for iPhone.

Including thousands of hand-pixeled monochrome graphics along with a port of the original Chicago font; iOS'86 takes your device back to another era. Available on iOS 4, 5, and 6.

Archived project from 2012–13
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Sarif is an iPhone theme built to accomodate user customisation with a library of UI styles, widgets, icons, and more — all available from within Winterboard. Sarif also supports a huge range of popular third party apps and tweaks, ensuring a complete revamp of your device across the board. Available on iOS 4, 5, and 6.

Archived project from 2012–13
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